Robert Minardi ABO-AC

Optician. Software Developer. Writer. Six Sigma Black Belt

If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.

-Thomas Jefferson

About Me

My name’s Robert Minardi. I create solutions and turn visions into reality.

One of my simple pleasures in life is to fill needs. It could be writing articles, creating software or teaching. Few things are more enjoyable to me than creating something beneficial to meet a demand. As a matter of fact, you're looking at one of my visions right now. This website. I wanted a place to show who I am and what I'm about, so I created this place. Did I know HTML, CSS or the other technologies that went into this site? Nope. As matter of fact, there's lots of things I don't know.

Which is a strange admission on a website to showcase ability and knowledge.


That's ok, because if I want to create something, and my knowledge is lacking, I just apply this simple formula:

Vision + Effort2 = Possibilities x

A little about my past work experience. I've been in manufacturing for about 23 years, with the last 5 being in ophthalmic optics. I got my start in the auto industry making seats for the Chrysler Minivan. During my career, I learned fascinating things about Six Sigma and the DMAIC approach to problem solving, Lean Process Improvement and Quality Control.


My current goal is to bring my knowledge of manufacturing to the optical field and help make everyone's facility better. I hope to do this through writing informative articles and developing software that can deliver useful information in new and intuitive ways.

Please. Have a look around. When you're done, be sure to send me a message on my Contact page. I don't have much of a life and, from what I hear, human interaction is a good thing.

The only social media link you'll find is for LinkedIn on my Contact page. It's not that I dislike social media per se, but it takes time away from things I love to do. If I have time to flip through Facebook, I have time to learn something new. If I have time to Tweet, I have time to write an article. If I have time to watch cat videos on YouTube…Ok, I’m going to keep doing that. I’m not perfect.