Robert Minardi ABO-AC

Optician. Software Developer. Writer. Six Sigma Black Belt

Without labor nothing prospers.



Optician Math Library v1.0

A C# class library I created with 80+ ophthalmic optics related calculations

Click the image to go to download the .dll

Click here to view the documentation in a new window OpticianMathLibrary

Dynamic Breakage Attribute Tracker (DBAT)

An application that aggregates information from a database in such a way that breakage patterns reveal themselves.

It has configurable filters for specific breakage patterns, as well as the abiltiy to send an email/sms when a predefined number of those breakages occur.

Breakage Attribute Tracker

OptiCalc v1.4

A spreadsheet based tool that gives accurate thickness calculations in the major meridians, as well as frame suggestions and more!

Click the image to go to the spreadsheet

OptiCalc v1.4